Opening: 9. April, 2013, 19h
Exhibition Duration: 10. April – 5. May, 2013

Wang Sishun completed his training as a sculptor in eight years. His art reflects this training in his exploration of the physical aspects of space and the possible transformations of matter. At the same time, Wang Sishun has tried, in his installations, to find a way to deal with mental spaces. The titles of this works are strikingly philosophical and psychological even if his art appears to be more minimalistic at first sight.

The works are dated 2010 to 2013, with each work representing the year in which it was created. The result is a presentation, which traces the line of development of his oeuvre.

Top of Dopamine (2010) is based on a dream that Wang Sishun had, in which a fairy appeared. The dream serves as an ideal space of wishes and is juxtaposed by real space – in the exhibition the artist combines both spheres to illustrate how our consciousness works on various levels.

The Wrong Body 2 (2011) shows a small sculpture made of gold. Its ambivalent shape alludes to a deformed body or a tooth.

The two most recent works Angle of Sadness und Desire And One of N points (2012) and The Shadow Cools as it Becomes Weightless (2013) configure new spaces within a space, with our perception confronting us with the spatial parameters.

Space and time are recurring themes. The artist creates threshold spaces, bringing the viewer into situations in which he/she becomes aware of distances both physical and emotional.