Opening: 20. September 2012, 18h
Exhibition Duration: 21. September – 25. October 2012

In context of curated by_Vienna 2012, curated by Katya García-Antón

Are we sexually as liberated as we wish? The central topic in Ulrike Lienbachers exhibition Interieurs, Modelle at Krinzinger Schottenfeldgasse is – next to sports – Sex. The body as a foil on which cultural an social phenomenas are displayed is one of the main subjects for Lienbachers work that consists of drawings, objects, installative arrangements, photography and video. The exhibitions takes place within the context of curated by_Vienna 2012 and is curated by the international renowned curator Katya García-Antón.

In accordance with the artist components like discipline of the body, body control, pressure to perform and competition, that are particularly applied to sports or economics, can also be assigned to sexuality: „Sexuality is not only the sphere of freedom and dissolvement of restraint but also a stage for role plays, whose dramaturge we not uncommonly write ourselfs.“ The work Vorlagen (2012) also leads to this idea: The arrangement of nine drawings shows positions of the act of sexual intercourse in a exemplary way. Due to the compact disposal the illustrations appear serial and seem likeexercises. The series Interieurs (2012) displays different internal spaces of bourgoise appartements. Framed as artworks sexual explicite photographs are hung in between dignified furniture. „Thosepictures are so omnipresent as they have never been before in history, everyone has them in mind, and yet the sexual seems to be more unspecific and tabooed then ever. I was interested to show the secret and the phantasy as a matter of course.“ The work Nippes (2012) deals with the changing, replacable surfaces, with the state of object of the body which is extradited to the desirous gaze. Instead of the human body it is artful illuminated objects from glass that appear sexually charged due to their covetous forms.

Ulrike Lienbacher specifically designed new sculptures for the exhibition, a series of ornamental primmed pillars made of wood. Placed into the exhibition space as thin bodies they refer to arcitecture as well as to furniture. Vertically and horizontally installed they also refer to pieces of sports equipment or appear as strange Gogo dancing poles. In the video Lauf (2010) we see twins, running their rounds on a sports field. Due to the optical similarity and the perfect harmony in their running- style one sister seems like the shadow of the other. Sometimes they compete with eath other until they fall back into a synchrone run – like beeing captured in a competition with oneself.

A central topic in the conception of Lienbachers exhibition are bodies, that are reduced from the precise to the pure silhouette, fragmented and de-individualized. The large-sized drawing deals with the idea of sociality. In a playful arrangement the work offers a net of connections that forms society from individuals.