Joris Van de Moortel

Born 1983 in Oostakker-Lourdes, Belgium. Lives and works in Hoboken, Belgium



Born 1983 in Oostakker-Lourdes, Belgium

Lives and works in Hoboken, Belgium

“The idea of describing an artistic practice “in general” never really appalled to me. I rather just start showing things, and depending on where the introduction takes place – ideally in the studio and second during a performance… What I like about the idea of “introductions” is the entry, where to step into a particular universe, which is always different depending on the where, what and how – in that sense I do feel sympathy for small “general” texts, as it also gives an opportunity for a different kind of approach. And that’s something to embrace and can lead to new perspectives. How would one describe in a nut-shell of what keeps one busy 24 h a day 7 to 7? Giving so much n the work, paintings, performances, exhibitions, publications, records, notebooks, writings, films, music, a world in which everyone’s invited to join on this dubious pilgrimage crossing and ping-ponging between the here and now, set camp in the 16th century and look ahead to the next 500 years in the loop. The Tarot set I developed, or the key to understand it, is accepting the paradox that by wanting to understand one has to accept nothing can be understood, we just have a bunch of keys to unlock parts and doors, create passages and ways through. And we collect more keys along the way, some we loose. These tarot cards and combination of cards give insight in the universe (i) create(d), but are not meant to reveal a so called “general” perspective, on the contrary, confusion is the key! “

Joris Van de Moortel graduated from the Künstelerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (Germany) in 2013 and from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) in Ghent (Belgium) in 2009. Joris Van de Moortel has received notable solo exhibitions, including “Guitare préparée” at Sint-Lukas Galerie (Brussels, Belgium) in 2019; “Cachivage Bugui Bugui” at BOZAR (Palais de Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium) in 2018; “Pink Noises” at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta in 2016; “L’architecture ça vous interesse?” at Be Part Art Centre (Waregem, Belgium) in 2015. In 2019, Joris Van de Moortel won the Grand Nile Prize at the 13th International Art Biennial in Cairo (Egypt). In 2021, Joris won the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris, followed by a residency to create the medal “La Médaille et son double” which was inaugurated with a performance the same year.  

In 2024, two solo exhibitions will be devoted to the work of Joris Van de Moortel at two locations simultaneously, the S.M.A.K. museum in Ghent and the Cultuurhuis de Warande in Turnhout, Belgium.