Opening: 15. May 2013, 19h
Duration Exhibition: 16. May – 22. June 2013

On May 15th 2013 Galerie Krinzinger on Seilerstätte 16, 1010 Vienna, opens the exhibition ConcretaSonho with the artists Jude Anogwih from Nigeria, Johanna Calle from Colombia and Adriano Costa from Brazil. All three have participated in a multi-week Artist-in-Residence programme of Krinzinger Projekte on invitation of Ursula Krinzinger and do now present in a joint exhibition the works that were created during their stay in Vienna. The exhibition ConcretaSonho can be seen from May 16th May to June 22nd 2013 in the gallery Krinzinger. It is the first part of a group exhibition with the same title in April/May 2014 where over 40 artists from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia will show selected works. The exhibition in 2014 is curated by Brazilian curators Adriano Pedrosa and Luisa Duarte.

Adriano Pedrosa and Luisa Duarte borrow the title of their exhibition project from a work of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Neto’s work of the same name ConcretaSonho represents the apparent contradictions of reason and emotion: themes, that play a central role in every work presented in the exhibition. The rationalist ideal promoted by the European modernity, whereby progress could be achieved through pure reason, started with the triumph of globalization all over the world and in all areas of life; however, its end was already sealed at the same time. It turned out to be an unattainable dream: underdevelopment rather than development, destruction rather than production, wealth as an illusion, spreading hunger rather than general satisfaction of the basic needs, dumbing down instead of education, compulsion instead of freedom, destruction rather than preservation of culture, strategy of war rather than political strategy.e besiegelt. Es entpuppte sich als unerreichbarer Traum: Unterentwicklung statt Entwicklung, Destruktion statt Produktion, Reichtum als Illusion, statt allgemeiner Befriedigung der Grundbedürfnisse sich ausbreitender Hunger, Verdummung statt Bildung, Zwang statt Freiheit, Vernichtung statt Bewahrung der Kultur, Strategie des Kriegs statt Strategie der Politik.