Opening: 29. January, 2013, 19h
Exhibition Duration: 30. January – 28. February, 2013

The left wing is dedicated to the important early performance artist Terry Fox (1943-2008) who Ursula Krinzinger brought to Vienna at the end of the seventies. The exhibition brings together documents, manuscripts, montages of drawings and music instruments as well as a video documenting an important performance. Fox who worked primarily in California and also later with Joseph Beuys in Europe is one of the leading West-coast artists who has figured significantly in the Galerie’s program from the early days on. In 1968, Terry Fox made a radical decision, namely to give up painting. Art, as the artist stated, is less a production of objects than a process of generating ideas that contribute to expanding man’s consciousness – and this art is only bound to objects to a limited extent. The space in which he acts is a space to be experienced. Terry Fox, who was severely incapacitated by illness throughout his whole life and had to undergo a number of surgical procedures, experienced his body being opened up. He wanted to make public theater and worked with music – a very elementary type of music. In a later phase of his work, Fox dealt with the subject of labyrinth. Drawing on the labyrinth of Chartres, Terry Fox sees the labyrinth as a metaphor of life.