Opening: November 9, 2022, 7pm
Duration: November 10 – 10. December 10, 2022

Galerie Krinzinger is happy to announce its first solo exhibition with Nevin Aladağ. The exhibition Tuning is combining several series of works of the artist. The works of the Installation and Performance Artist were last shown at a big solo exhibition at Villa Stuck in Munich.

In Social Fabrics the artist is assembling high quality hand-knotted carpets from Iran, Turkey and China with machine made mass-produced product to abstract collages. The artist is placing the materials like wool, silk and synthetic fabrics as well as their processing and origin equally next to each, creating a unique new whole. The ornament as a linking element can also be found in the hexagon-shaped ceramic modules of the Series Jali that shows patterns that the artist creates from memory. The modules function as components that the artist assembles in wall-pieces or Installations like at the Documenta 14, 2017. Leaning Wall shows imprints of body parts made of Meissner porcelain mounted like the holds of a climbing wall. Due to the negative form of the elements, the climbing wall becomes a “Leaning Wall”. Nevin Aladağ is interested in the organic and brittle of the material but also into the fit in sense of gender identity. One Version of Leaning Wall is exhibited as a permanent Installation at the Robert-Koch- Institute in Berlin since 2014.

The series Stiletto came into being at the performance “Raise The Roof” during the Venice Biennale in 2017. During the performance dancers were performing on copper sheets. Every work carries the title and duration of the song in the title. The frames and furniture changed to music-sculptures and resonating bodies like Frame Harp and Hanger Harp as well as Resonating Space (Square Bells 90) are referring to her “Music Rooms” and “Resonating Spaces” like at Documenta 14 in Athens and lately at the exhibition Sound of Space at Villa Stuck, 2021. In the Installation Tuschcarneval the artist is notating a fanfare with casts of cannonballs from 17th centuryNevin Aladağ is completing a circle from the musical reinterpretation of the canon ball back to its original context because the shooting of the canons was initiated by a fanfare. The objects of the series Rehearsal are linked to the participatory Installations of the series Stage – stage curtains made from artificial hair, shown at Arter in Istanbul, 2012.