when the elements will lie




when the elements will lie

Opening: March 23, 2023, 7 pm

Duration: March 24 – May 13, 2023

The exhibition when the elements will lie is a sequence of works that contrast in content but convey a heterogeneous situation in their interaction. They are fragments of different levels of reality of the experience and representation of our world. They find their realisation and visuality through different media. The break is an artistic means and represents a form of reality. Do we experience our world in fragments, which we continuously try to transform into a continuum?

Martin Walde’s solo exhibition when the elements will lie shows installations, sculptures, “video sketches”, photographs and works on paper from various work cycles. The expansive net structure of the installation out of the blue to an open end is based on organic microstructures.

The sculpture P.P. Concoction consists of intertwined silicone figures balancing on a luminous, translucent hemisphere.

The film Soda Zitron shows lemon seeds dancing in soda water, a rare unrepeatable occurrence. With Nomad, Martin Walde explores the phenomenon of mass in motion with a poetic reflection on the relativity of simultaneity in the form of a video and a MUD print (the MUD Print is a transfer technique developed by Martin Walde using biopolymers).

In the series L.C./enactments, which has been running since 1990, Martin Walde shows places in real space combined with fragmentarily depicted people whose actions do not correspond to the socially accepted norm. They are also positioned outside social perception due to their social situation.

Martin Walde, born in Innsbruck in 1957, lives and works in Vienna. His process-oriented practice operates at the intersection of art, nature and science. He works across a range of media to create works that are simultaneously experimental and analytical in nature. Walde’s works explore concepts of time and the way objects occupy space and are often realised through active audience participation. Walde conveys abstract concepts in a variety of ways, encouraging viewers to rethink accepted ideas and challenge their understanding of the materiality of the world. His works have been exhibited at the 21st Sydney Biennale in 2018, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2016,the 4th Moscow Biennale in 2011, the Venice Biennale in 2001, the Montreal Biennale in 1998, “documenta X” in Kassel in 1997 and the Istanbul Biennale in 1989, among others. Extensive solo exhibitions have taken place at the Secession in Vienna, the Fuchu Art Museum in Tokyo, the Salzburger Kunstverein, the Galerie im Taxispalais, the Kunsthaus Baselland, the MARTa Herford and most recently at the Neue Galerie in Graz, among others.