Residency Croatia


The Artist in Residence program allows artists to pursue their artistic work outside of their own culture without having to finance their stay. Artists thus have an opportunity to enter into a lively exchange with colleagues from other cultures and to get to know the specificities of the host country. The location of each ‘residence’ gives the participants a common connection, regardless of when they had the chance to spend time at this place to focus on their artistic work. Numerous references in the pieces created on site are assimilated and processed in a different way.



The residency in Kuberton, Istria, exists since 2016. Galerie Krinzinger was already present in Croatia from 1975 to 1985 with an art center in Brdo, Istria. This is a little Istrian village, half deserted, but with a big former austrian schoolhouse. At the schoolhouse very important residencies and symposiums with Jugoslavian and Austrian artists took place. The building was then taken away and destroyed, mostly due to the war. As Dr. Ursula Krinzinger went to visit the area to see the deserted and totally ruined schoolhouse, intending to rebuild it, a fantastic situation in Kuberton, an Istrian village with a new center was found; a very interesting place with great magnitism and peace for work. Croatian artists are invited there with the support of the Istrian cultural department.

Exhibition History


Petar Brajnović (HR)

Tomislav Brajnović (HR)

Matija Debeljuh (HR)

Karin Ferrari (IT)

Rui Miguel Leitão Ferreira (PR)

William Mackrell (GB)


Igor Grubić (HR)

Đanino Božić (HR)

Marcelo Viquez (UR)

Tina Gverović (HR)

Ulrike Lienbacher (AT)


Milijana Babić (HR) & Nada Žgank (SI)

Stefanie De Vos (BE)

Milan Šabić (HR)

Ana Sladetić (HR)

Angelika Wischermann (DE)


Iva Horvat (HR)

Imre Nagy (HU)

Petra Pletikos (HR)

Dominik Vukovic (HR)


Rosmarie Lukasser (AT)

Petra Mrša (HR)

Franz Riedl (AT)

Sofijasilvia (HR)

Andreas Werner (AT)


Jelena Bando (HR)

Ivars Drulle (LV)

Linus Riepler (AT)

Hanakam & Schuller (AT)

Davor Sanvincenti (HR)


Christian Eisenberger (AT)

Maja Marković (HR)

Bernd Oppl (AT)

Anja Ronacher (AT)

Dino Zrnec (HR)