Residency Hungary

The Artist in Residence program allows artists to pursue their artistic work outside of their own culture without having to finance their stay. Artists thus have an opportunity to enter into a lively exchange with colleagues from other cultures and to get to know the specificities of the host country.

The location of each ‘residence’ gives the participants a common connection, regardless oh when they had a chance to spend time at this place to focus on their artistic work. Numerous references in the pieces created on site are assimilated and processed in a different way.

The gallery launched its Artist in Residence programme in Petömihályfa, Hungary, in 2010. The studios in Petömihályfa are located in the idyllic landscape of Western Hungary. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and all of its distractions a space was created for focusing on artistic work. The natural environment is largely governed by the rhythm of life at the residency and offers a possibility to focus on the essential. The Galerie Krinzingerʼs studios in Petömihályfa provide a setting for encounters between Hungarian and Austrian artists. The promotion and activation of exchange between international contemporary artists has the highest priority, but another goal is networking with the public interested in art.

Exhibition History


Jana Kolbert 

Anna Spanlang

Éva Szombat


Dominika Trapp

Felix Schellhorn

Christian Rothwangl


Matthias Franz (DEU)

Esther Ojo (AUT)

Gábor Kristóf (HUN)

Esther Lazar (HUN)



Leander Schönweger (ITA)

Kitti Gosztola (HUN)


Thean Chie Chan (AUT)

Gergö Szinyova (HUN)

Wojciech Ireneusz Sobczyk (POL)

Melanie Ebenhoch (AUT)


Rui Ferreira (PRT)

Stefanie De Vos (BEL)

Shuvo Rafiqul (BGD)

Zsolt Molnar (HUN)



Thean Chie Chan (AUT)

Jozsef Csato (HUN)

Maja Markovic (HRV)

Imre Nagy (HUN)

Nemere Kerezsi (ROU) 


Martin Sturm (AUT)

Nicolas H. Muller (FRA)

Andreas Werner (AUT)


Patrícia Kaliczka (HUN)

Julian Wallrath (DEU)

Kristin Wenzel (DEU)

Sachi Golkar &

Till Hofrichter (DEU)

Martin Walde (AUT)      

Vikenti Komitski (BGR)

Janos Sugar (HUN)

Markus Dressler (AUT)


2013 & 2014

Gabriele Sturm  (AUT) 

Julian Wallrath (DEU)

Julia Vecsei (HUN)

Philip Gaisser (DEU)


Gabriele Sturm  (AUT)

Julian Wallrath (DEU)

Julia Vecsei (HUN)

Philip Gaisser (DEU)


Tamás Kaszás (HUN)

Istvàn Csàkàny (HUN)

Hanakam & Schuller (DEU, AUT)

Kamen Stoyanov (BGR)

Steven Guermeur (FRA)



Rosmarie Lukasser (AUT)

Eva Chytilek (AUT)          

Hajnalka Tarr (HUN)

Linus Riepler (AUT)      

Diána Keller (HUN)

Henrik Martin (HUN)

Klára Petra Szabó (HUN)