Thean Chie Chan

Born 1972 in Penang, Malaysia. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria



Born 1972 in Penang, Malaysia

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria

The subtlety of the concept of classic ink paintings is not only based on the restriction to one colour, but also in the minimalist juxtaposition of contrasts. Order verses Chaos –Thean Chie Chan is bringing two contrary concepts into a simple form. The lines resemble order, splattered paint stands for chaos and coincidence. The amorphous forms can be understood as a metaphor for humanity. Thean Chie Chan is using classical ink paintings to resemble his version of the modern human. In our individualistic society, humans are separated from each other, but there is this fine line that connects us. 

Thean Chie Chan studied under the painter Christian Ludwig Attersee at the Vienna University of Applied Arts. His work was shown several times at Galerie Krinzinger and Krinzinger Schottenfeld. He participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Austria as well as abroad and in institutions such as the Museum Krems, Stift Altenburg, NN Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Theater Odeon, Galerie Kunst & Handel, Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum.