Christian Eisenberger

1978, born in Semriach, Austria



Born 1978 in Semriach, Austria

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria

ChristianEisenberger’sstylistically and quantitatively rich oeuvre resists precise categorization. His work has always oscillated between obsessive compulsion and absolute freedom.Eisenbergerdoes not deprive his art of aesthetic pretensions, which is why it speaks directly to the viewer. At the same time, however, many of his works pose existential questions immanent to humanity alongside this aestheticization. ChristianEisenberger’s works often have a strong reference to nature, whereby nature, which must follow its own physical laws without choice, is juxtaposed with human existence as a corrective. 

Initially, ChristianEisenbergerstudied painting at theOrtweinschulein Graz from 1999 and then Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the class of BrigitteKowanzfrom 2000. Major solo exhibitions of Eisenberger’s work have been held at the following institutions:KunsthalleGießen, Germany,KünstlerhausGraz, Austria,KünstlerhausVienna, Austria,KunsthalleKrems, Austria. Moreover, his works have been shown in group exhibitions atOstlicht, Vienna, Austria,KunsthausGraz, Austria, StaatlicheKunsthalleBaden-Baden, Germany, MUSA, Vienna, Austria,KunsthalleVienna, Austria, Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland,Mumok, Vienna, Austria, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria, Lentos Linz, Austria, among others.

In 2013, at the invitation of GalerieKrinzinger, ChristianEisenbergerparticipated in the artist in residence program of the One World Foundation inAhungalla, Sri Lanka. In 2014, works byEisenbergerwere shown for the first time in a solo exhibition at GalerieKrinzingerand most recently, in 2020, in the exhibition “SEE YOU DEEP 9975 – 15432 – 32718”. In 2016, ChristianEisenbergerreceived the Hilde Goldschmidt Prize.